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We The People: The United States Constitution Explored

We The People: The United States Constitution Explored

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Discover the U.S. Constitution with this modern, illustrated guide. Events, including the Capitol takeover, have raised questions about the bedrock of U.S. politics. Striking illustrations and plain English text offer vivid answers. Learn the original Constitution and all Amendments, plus how the document shapes the world. We The People proves the Constitution is a living, relevant rule book.
  • fresh take on a monumental document, navigating in style its history and its life today.
  • Excerpts from the Constitution are presented here in plain English to help young thinkers better understand the role it plays in everyday life.
  • Accessible, energetic text accompanied by contemporary, powerful illustrations allow children aged 10 and older to re-think the Constitution in a totally new way.
  • balanced examination that does not shy away from addressing the difficulties of interpreting and adapting the Constitution for the modern world

We The People takes the Constitution out of its display case, blows off the dust and re-imagines this piece of history for the next generation.


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