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50 pc Race Track Building Blocks

50 pc Race Track Building Blocks

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This 50 pc Race Track Building Block set is designed to enhance child brain development by promoting problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. With easy-to-use quick-connect magnetized edges, kids can use the laws of physics and the power of magnets to engineer architectural structures and designs. The set includes 16 columns and 4 slopes, allowing for the creation of multi-layer 3D racetracks that cars can go up and down on. Two LED race cars are included, requiring 2 AA batteries each (not included), to focus children's attention and encourage imaginative play as they construct their own racetrack designs using various shapes and pieces. Additionally, a street and traffic sign set is provided to enhance the pretend play experience when playing individually or with friends.

This building block set is a fun way for children to learn while playing, developing skills such as color recognition, shape recognition (including 3D forms), counting, understanding magnetic polarities, architectural design, and structural engineering.

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