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Picasso Tiles

60 pc Glow in the Dark Set

60 pc Glow in the Dark Set

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Promotes children's brain development through the use of color recognition, fine motor skills, geometric shapes, math concepts, numbers, magnetic polarities, and 3D design. Made from BPA-free, non-toxic, and lead-free materials, and tested for safety. Also has a therapeutic effect by reducing screen time and electronic dependence. Encourages creativity and fosters STEAM skills while providing endless entertainment. Offers educational value from an early age, making it an ideal gift. Allows for recreational fun and bonding between parents and children. User-friendly and compact for easy construction and storage, combining scientific and artistic aspects to promote STEAM skills.


Includes 60 pieces: 4 large squares, 24 squares, 18 equilateral triangles, 8 right triangles, and 6 isosceles triangles.


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