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Art Out of the Box


  • Art Out of the Box is a fun, activity game for both kids and adults– no artistic prowess required!
  • Free your imagination or just fill up a rainy afternoon with 80 lively drawing prompts in Art Out of the Box.
  • Pick a subject card, add a technique card and reinvent the world with your imagination. These 80 cards are all you need for hours of creative drawing fun and screen-free fun.
  • Combine the zany subject and madcap art technique cards and use them again and again, for hundreds of imaginative drawing adventures!
  • Techniques suggested range from physical prompts like drawing with your non-dominant hand to taping two pencils together and using them as a single pen to taking off your shoe and drawing with your feet.
  • Subjects suggested range from drawing a comfy nest of soft, cuddly, fluffy things or drawing a gleaming city from towers of pots and pans or even exploring the world outside to draw a collection of leaves, seeds, weeds, and flowers.
  • Just grab a pencil and paper, and a dinosaur, and an alien, and a tiger… Take an ant’s view and focus on drawing a small area of your subject in detail, or supersize your drawing of a dinosaur going shopping.
  • What fun, interesting combination will untap your creative imagination?
  • By Nicky Hoberman Laurence King Publishing, 2019