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Artists at Home

Artists at Home

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Take a look inside the homes of some of your favorite artists and explore how each one reflected their spirit and creativity.

William Morris and Pablo Picasso to Georgia O’Keeffe and Frida KahloArtists at Home showcases the quiet retreats, creative hubs, lifelong homes, and holiday escapes of key artistic figures. Author Susie Hodge introduces readers to each artist's life and work, placing the significance of the home at the heart of their practice before exploring how each residency both reflected and inspired the artist’s creative output.

By delving into their homes – the architecture, interiors, the lives lived there, and the work created there – we can see these 
artists’ private spaces as reflections of their artistic output. For these inspiring people, homes are places where the boundaries between work, creativity, and daily life are indistinct – they are as much a reflection of their artistic intention as the great artworks that made their name. 
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