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Ben Owen Egg Vase/Blue Frost Miniature

Ben Owen Egg Vase/Blue Frost Miniature

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As an artistic glaze, Blue Frost provides just the right chemical combination to promote the formation of micro-crystals along the clay surface.  This Blue Frost glaze is a variation on Ben’s Patina Green glaze and is fired in an electric kiln with a meticulous cooling schedule to create an environment conducive to micro-crystal formation.

Ben Owen III developed the Blue Frost glaze, in 2013, as a variation of his popular Patina Green glaze.  The kiln is fired to over 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit and is meticulously controlled during the firing to accommodate the development of this unique finish.  The stunning result is a growth of tiny, frosty-gray matte crystals over a field of cool blue.  Key elements present in the glaze include copper, to produce the blue hue; and magnesium, to promote the textural quality. 

~4" tall 


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