Ben Owen III, North Carolina Pottery

Ben Owen III Equator Bowl in Patina Green


Early in the 1990s when Ben Owen III was in college at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC, he developed a glossy forest green Patina Green glaze made from copper pigment. When he tested the glaze in the wood kilns back home at the family pottery in Seagrove, he found the results were strikingly different in a wood kiln, with many beautiful variations in color and surface. Firing in a wood kiln with no salt added to the firing results in a darker green with small crystals on the surface. If finished with salt tossed into the kiln at the end of a wood firing, the color brightens to a more blue-green hue with random small crystals on the surface.

  • Please Note: The appearance of white spots on the surface is a reflection from photo lighting.
  • ~7.5" tall / ~11" mouth 
  • This piece is hand signed by Ben Owen III with the year it was made 

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