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Ben Owen III Large Pitcher in Copper Penny

Ben Owen III Large Pitcher in Copper Penny

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Copper Penny glaze is influenced by the amount of iron in the clay body as well as the formula of the glaze. The range of color is dependent on the atmosphere of the firing in the kiln. During the early stages of a firing, at 1600° Fahrenheit, we purposefully burn the furnace inefficiently in order to create carbon inside the kiln. The reaction of carbon with the iron in the clay over a period of several hours creates warm glaze tones and an iridescent or opalescent quality to the surface. The presence of wood ash coming in contact with the glaze (as it would in a wood-fired kiln) accentuates the glaze with flashes of apple green and yellow tones to deeper brown shades on areas of the pot. The name Copper Penny was given after many customers over time commented that the glaze surface looked like a copper penny.

  • Please Note: The appearance of white spots on the surface is a reflection from photo lighting.
  • ~12" tall / ~4.5" mouth 
  • This piece is hand signed by Ben Owen III with the year it was made
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