Coined in the South: 10/10/2019 - 02/16/2020, Notes & Correspondence

Black Boys Cry Postcard


  • Ken West. Black Boys Cry, 2018, metallic paper. Courtesy of the artist.
  • Postcard featuring Ken West's Black Boys Don't Cry 
  • "Sometimes flowers sprout where we least expect them. Sometimes they are nurtured by tears."
  • Ken West is an American photographer and documentarian, born in the Historic Bordeaux Neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee. Today Ken lives in Mableton, Georgia. Fascinated by storytelling, human perception, and the human experience, Ken was inspired to capture the moving images of “common things” and folk in both rural and city-life. His photos Father of Man and Black Boys Cry featured in Coined in the South exhibition encourages audiences to reevaluate how they view black men and masculinity. By capturing people and things on camera and film “as they are and not how w[h]e wished they were…” West holds each of his subjects “in reverence, mindful appreciation and curiosity.” West, has studied at the University of Paris, and holds graduate degrees from Ohio State University and New York University.