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Bottle Vase Chinese Blue

Bottle Vase Chinese Blue

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Chinese Blue glaze is highly sought after by collectors because of the variety of hues and variations in finish from each firing. No two pieces are exactly alike. Although we use Chinese Blue glaze on many of the forms used with Chinese Red glaze, we also make some shapes specifically to showcase Chinese Blue. Creating this unique color requires several mixtures of copper and a firing to 2250° Fahrenheit. Chinese Blue glaze was first developed at Jugtown Pottery in the 1930s, where Ben Owen Sr. was Master Potter for close to forty years. After Jacques Busbee’s death in 1947, his wife Juliana requested that the glaze no longer be produced, and, eventually, the glaze recipe was lost. In time, Ben Owen Sr. developed his own recipe for a similar glaze, a recipe which his grandson continues to use to this day.


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