(wired), Bracelets

Chaos Copper Bracelet


(wired) Jewelry from Chicago 
  • This statement piece is made from 30+ continuous feet of chaotically (but strategically) wound reclaimed magnet wire.
  • Originally destined for a motor, but now it's destined for your wrist.
  • The bracelet does not heat up in the sun. It's great for people with metal sensitivities; the copper is enameled so no metal touches your skin.
  • Seen in People magazine and the movie "Divergent."
  • Please note sizing. The important measurement for this style is the width of the hand (thumb and pinky touching) and not the wrist! Bracelet fits over a hand up to 8.5." To measure hand, touch pinky and thumb together while measuring around largest part of hand.
  • Choose from red or orange.