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Colorful Kid's 49 Key Roll-Up Keyboard

Colorful Kid's 49 Key Roll-Up Keyboard

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Promotes learning through play with recording and 6 songs. Ideal for children 3 and up. Connect with others and create music together.

Can be used with headphones or speakers.


- PT49 is a standard 49 key keyboard that is made of Silicone Rubber with soft, comfortable surface with high sensitivity.
- 8 different tones for you to choose from to add more fun when your kids play. 8 tones: Acoustic Grand Piano, Orchestral Harp, Church Organ, Tubular Bell, Electric Guitar (Jazz), Violin, String Ensemble 1, and Acoustic Guitar (Steel).
- 6 Demo songs provide the joys of learning while your kids learn how to play.
- PT49 covers the need of children and students to learn how to play piano and improve their musical skills.
- Record & Playback makes learning more fun and you can share your kid's performance with your family or friends.
- PT49 is easy to set up and portable; hence, you and your kids can get tons of good play time anywhere, anytime. 

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