Decorative Accents, Immersed in Light: Studio Drift at the Mint - 9/20/2019 - 7/26/2020, Tabletop

Dandelight by Studio Drift


Accompanying Exhibition: Immersed in Light: Studio Drift at the Mint

Dates of Mint Exhibition: 9/20/2019 - 7/26/2020

About Dandelight: Dandelight is composed of real dandelion seeds. Every single seed is glued one by one onto an LED light by hand, with special tweezers: a very precise and time consuming art. Studio Drift picks the dandelions every year in May, in fields around Amsterdam. The seeds are carefully dried and stored in the studio. This labour intensive process symbolizes the fragility of life. It can be understood as a clear statement against mass production and the prevailing disposable culture of today's life.

About Studio Drift: Studio Drift is an Amsterdam (NL) based studio that uses advanced technology combined with fine craftsmanship. With each new work they attempt to make a kind of future prediction. Studio Drift develops site-specific installations and interactive sculptural experiences in spaces. We play with existing and new relationships between nature, technology and mankind. At first glance, the works seem to refer to familiar situations, but on further investigation these references are brought into question. This places the viewer in an interesting position, reshaping how we relate to our environment and stimulating new ways of thinking.

Includes Battery