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Dreamland Puzzle

Dreamland Puzzle

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A 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle & Stickers

By: Hattie Stewart 

  • Enter the bright and zany universe of artist and famed "doodlebomber" Hattie Stewart with this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle.
  • Vibrant characters invite you to Dreamland, an 18 x 24 inch puzzle fizzing with Hattie’s iconic sass and retro charm.
  • In this psychedelic, poppy piece of art, flowers and hearts in high heels dance on a collage of rainbows, stardust, and checkerboard floors.
  • An enclosed sticker sheet gives puzzlers the chance to inject some of Hattie’s signature style into their everyday lives using stickers on notebooks, phone cases, computers, or any surface that needs a jolt of style and color.
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