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Eveli: A Jewelers Memoir

Eveli: A Jewelers Memoir

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  • An intimate journey through the life, work and influences of jewelry artist Eveli, protégé of Hopi artist Charles Loloma
  • Narrated by the artist, demonstrating her deep personal connection to nature
  • This highly artistic book gathers stories and poems as well as photographs of stunning Hopi and Moroccan-inspired mosaic jewelry
  • Foreword from Cheri Falkenstein-Doyle and introduction from Mark Bahti

North African-born Eveli Sabatie had a long-time fascination with Native American culture and history. As a young woman, she left her home in Paris in 1968 to move to San Francisco, hoping to learn more. A chance encounter with a Hopi traditionalist led to an invitation to Arizona, where she apprenticed with a master Native American jewelry-maker. For her, this was the beginning of a new world. Art can never be fully divided from the artist's voice, nor the natural world. When Eveli encountered red jasper while roaming the Arizona mountains, she knew she had to incorporate her local geology into her work. Yet raw materials are just one of many ways in which the world around Eveli shapes her art. This book is a direct and personal exploration of Eveli's work, following her arc of growth, challenges and internal workings. Eveli's jewelry is entirely created by her, from gathering material to fabricating the body of the piece, doing the lapidary work and finally adding stone settings and finishings. She works in a rustic, ancient environment, often choosing to use rudimentary and homemade tools over commercial techniques. T

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