Art History

Flowers In The Louvre


By: Michael Lis and Béatrice Vingtrinier 

  • Featuring floral-inspired works from the Louvre collection, this book offers a novel perspective on the world's most visited museum.
  • From the noble iris to the humble bloom-filled meadow, flowers are a natural subject for artists, whether painted in nature or carefully arranged in the studio.
  • This book is a colorful promenade through the flower-strewn collection of the Louvre, which includes masterpieces such as Archimboldo's Spring and Dürer's Flower.
  • Selected works, encompassing a variety of art forms from paintings and sculpture to tapestries and furniture, demonstrate the continued significance of flowers in art from the ancient Persians to the European masters.
  • This volume includes full-page illustrations and close-up details of fifty works in the museum collection.
  • Designed to help a broad readership discover the world's greatest art collection, this series presents a selection of well-known and more obscure works from the Louvre.
  • Art lovers will be pleased to discover their favorite works in a new light while flower enthusiasts and historians will be equally enchanted by this collection.