Books, Interior Design

Francois Catroux


Text by David Netto 

Foreword by Diane von Furstenberg 

Throughout a storied career, François Catroux has been an innovator and explorer in interior design who has always stood on the contemporary edge - blazing a trail ever forward toward the new. 

From his early days as a design prodigy, creating space-age boutiques for a house of couture and apartments that draw elements from Art Deco and Modernist design precedents, to chic mirror-studded interiors rich with glamour, to elegant refinement in homes in Hong Kong, in New York, in London, Catroux is at home in many vocabularies of the vast world of design. Often in his spaces he will surprise with the introduction of irregular elements - a chandelier of elk horn or pink fluorescent lighting in a hallway or oversize artwork on a wall - but ultimately one returns to Catroux's hallmark sensibility, which combines the majesty and grandeur of high ceilings, elegant moldings, and gossamer draperies, with elements that above all suggest and offer comfort and tasteful, restrained opulence. 

Whatever the style, go-to accoutrements include sumptuous sofas, unexpected combinations of furniture and art, gentle lighting, rooms lined with books, ship staterooms in warm wood paneling with lamps of brass, always conceived with respect for the primary role of architecture and measured according to a modern eye. 

This book looks at Catroux's fruitful and ongoing career chronologically, featuring his first projects in 1968 thorough his latest, completed only this year. Featuring the interiors of houses, apartments, and boats from around the globe, from Paris to New York, from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, not only does the book tell the story of Catroux but it will stand as a record of nearly half a century of interior design, as seen through the multifaceted work of one designer. 

Luxuriously designed and photographed, this volume on the work of François Catroux is more than just a design monograph on one of the great careers in the history of design, but in a lively and intimate read about a life he and his wife Betty have lived in great style.