Going Going Gone: A High-Stakes Board Game


In Going, Going, Gone! A High-Stakes Board Game, thirty-six masterpieces are up for auction. Are they bargains to be snapped up or over-hyped drains on your finances? You’ll never know unless you bid! In this board game for up to six players, you travel the world as an art collector scouring the auction houses, visiting art fairs, and making private deals in search of elusive artworks to complete your collection. The winner is the player with the most valuable collection and the most cash in hand at the end of the game. Players move around a colorful board from auction houses and fairs to art world cities, each represented by an evocative illustration by artist Simon Landrein. The illustrator also created images of the “previously unknown” works by major artists for which players compete—cheeky fictions like a Vincent van Gogh painting of his dismembered ear, Artemesia Gentileschi’s “Judith Shampooing Holofernes,” and an enormous and irreverent equestrian sculpture by Jeff Koons.