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Grounded in Clay

Grounded in Clay

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No art form is more associated with the Native Americans of the Southwest than pottery. For centuries, Pueblo people have made beautiful pottery, often painted with intricate designs, for everyday activities such as cooking, food storage, and gathering water, and for ceremonial use. Vessels of these types have been found at ancient sites including Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde. The tradition of pottery-making continues to thrive among Pueblo communities in the Southwest, and while pottery is still made for practical purposes, it is also commonly produced for the art market. Since the time of the Ancestral Puebloans, pottery has been made predominantly by women. The pots are created from natural clay using a coil method; they are hand-painted and then fired outdoors. Designs vary from one Pueblo to another, but many symbols and motifs are shared by the Pueblos.

A notable survey of over 100 historic Pueblo pottery pieces, featuring Native American perspectives and voices instead of Anglo-American interpretations. 60 participants from 21 Pueblo communities selected pieces from two collections and expressed their thoughts in prose or poetry. This book highlights the significance of Pueblo pottery and its cultural impact through stunning photos.

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