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I am Bold

I am Bold

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Bea feels misunderstood when she is repeatedly told to “keep it down,” and “don’t be so loud!”. As she boldly navigates her everyday life, Bea shows us the importance of honoring everyone’s voices ― no matter how loud they might be.

“From the creative duo that produced I Am Quiet: A Story for the Introvert in All of Us, this character in colorful and energetic illustrations will speak to a segment of the population that brings enthusiasm and zeal to every day. Recommended.”―School Library Journal

Bea is not loud―she is BOLD!

Sometimes people tell Bea she’s just too much. Whether she’s bugging her brother like a buzzing bee, helping out a bit too much in class, or blasting her trombone as loud as it goes, she is often misunderstood. While grownups and even other kids might see Bea as loud, we know that she’s got stuff to say, things to do, and friends to make!

This story is for the child who lives out LOUD and boldly uses their voice to be heard above the crowd. Bea’s story shows us that when the strongest voices are celebrated, their boldness inspires beauty and positive change all around us.

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