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The beauty and complexity of Japan's ancient culture, futuristic cities, serene landscapes, and frenetic pace are captured in this book of stunning photography. Here tradition and modernity, precision and wabi sabi, geishas and samurai, tea ceremonies and pachinko parlors mix and commingle, a true representation of this land of fascinating contrasts and enduring culture.

  • A gorgeous photography book featuring Japan's cultural and natural phenomena 
  • A must-have addition for the libraries of Japanophiles and world travelers as well as photographers, art buffs, and the culturally curious
  • The author spent years working to gain access to people and places within this intensely private society

The lush, full-color images are organized into six broad themes—Metropolis, Nature, Costume, Sacred, Ritual, and Aesthetics—each featuring locations and points of view that are often inaccessible to outsiders. Insightful essays add depth and perspective from longtime expats who now call the country home. The result is an engrossing unusual visual journey through the Land of the Rising Sun that will linger in the reader's memory long after the book is closed. 

Size: 11.75in x 15.0in  |  Pages: 320  |  350+ color images

Binding: Hardback
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