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Jean Michel Basquiat Ludo Classic Board Game

Jean Michel Basquiat Ludo Classic Board Game

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Discover the Jean-Michel Basquiat Ludo Classic Board Game, featuring 4 iconic pieces created by the renowned artist. This classic board game is a fun and engaging way to bring Basquiat's unique style into your home. It includes a stunning game board with his artwork, as well as 16 colorful wooden pieces and 2 dice. Instructions are provided and the game is straightforward to play, making it suitable for all ages. Perfect for family game nights or a fun activity with friends, the Basquiat Ludo game also acts as a fantastic introduction to art and culture, fostering creativity and imagination. With its top-notch construction and beautiful design, this board game is an excellent way to honor the legacy of Jean-Michel Basquiat and enjoy quality time with loved ones. The perfect present for any Basquiat art enthusiast.

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