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Kandinsky: Wrapping Paper

Kandinsky: Wrapping Paper

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 Kandinsky Wrapping Paper Book: 6 reprinted artworks by Vasily Kandinsky in a practical celebration of his art. A big format paperback book with folded wrapping paper sheets featuring expertly reproduced art. Unexpected special touch for any gift presentation.

  • Collection of expertly printed wrapping papers, using art from the best art, past and present, in a big format paperback book
  • Brightly printed pages folded into a convenient book for bookshelf display and easy storage
  • 12 sheets of full-color wrapping paper sheets, 2 each of 6 images
  • Each sheet is perforated for easy removal from binding
  • Book measures 33 x 24.8 cm (13 x 9.8 inches)
  • Wrapping paper sheets measure: 66 x 49 cm (26 x 19.6 inches) full size, 33 x 24.8 cm folded (13 x 9.8 inches)
  • 1 page of adhesive labels included
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