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A Lady Knows: Modes & Manners

A Lady Knows: Modes & Manners

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Fashion and etiquette have taken a hit over these past fifteen months. With most of us staying home during the coronavirus pandemic, looking and behaving stylishly hasn’t been a top priority. Now, as we emerge from lockdown, style expert Haya Maraka has just the advice women need in her new book, A Lady Knows: Modes and Manners (November 9, 2021).

Drawing inspiration from her global travels and a fashion heritage that she gleaned from her grandmother’s atelier, Maraka offers a fresh take on cultivating personal style. In A Lady Knows, she deliciously delves into the modes and manners necessary for every lady’s repertoire. And she does so in the tone of your best girlfriend, peppering handwritten notes and reminders between gorgeous line drawings and photographs of Haya as she is out and about living her best life

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