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Mona Lisa and the Others

Mona Lisa and the Others

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A witty introduction to the Louvre’s many masterpieces, told from the perspective of the subjects themselves―including resident superstar Mona Lisa.

Millions visit Paris' Louvre Museum to see the famed art collection, but one star gets more attention than the rest - with their own waiting system! The other masterpieces aren't happy being overlooked and they're here to tell their stories. Focusing on portraits and person-centered artworks, Mona Lisa and the Others reveals the history behind the Louvre's famous pieces. Napoleon Bonaparte shares secrets from his coronation; the Venus de Milo explains her missing arms; the Seated Scribe dishes about the ancient Egyptian royal family. Mona Lisa shares more than her mysterious smile.

Written by Alice Harman with Sir Quentin Blake's artwork, this entertaining introduction appeals to children, parents, and teachers.

Illustrated in color throughout
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