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Picasso Little Thinker Doll

Picasso Little Thinker Doll

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Pablo Picasso compared his juvenilia to Raphael’s work and claimed he had spent his life learning to draw like a child.

Hey, everyone has troubles.

One way to forget about your troubles and make your inner child happy is to play with cool toys like the Pablo Picasso Little Thinker.

This plush Picasso stands approximately 11 inches tall and wears his famous striped shirt and sandals. It bears a wonderful resemblance to the great man.

Bring home the Pablo Picasso Little Thinker so you can imagine him coming alive, scribbling something a napkin, and selling it for millions of dollars.

Every 11” Little Thinker doll is distinctively dressed and wields a biographical tag with essential dates, acts, and a personal quote.

These plush companions are just as inspiring as they are cuddly because Little Thinkers are characters with character.

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