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Prism Oracle: Full Spectrum Edition


  • The Prism Oracle: Full Spectrum Edition is a beautifully vibrant deck exploring the connection between emotion, intuition, and color. Created by Nicole Pivirotto, the Prism Oracle helps us listen to our innermost thoughts and needs.
  • Each card in this deck is related to a specific energetic vibration created by color. Use this Oracle deck to unlock your own guiding light, and illuminate the feelings you’re holding deep. Using the spread found in the Prism Oracle guidebook, you’ll uncover insights about yourself, across past, present, and future.
  • The creator of this deck has lovingly invested her expertise in psychology, color, intuition, and design into the card design, intent, and guide. The Prism Oracle allows us to break down our inner thoughts and emotions. By tapping into our own intuition, we can empower ourselves to become our own guides.
  • Includes 45 cards and a guidebook to help you along your journey.