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Psychology of an Art Writer

Psychology of an Art Writer

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Widely known for supernatural fictions, Lee has not gained the recognition she deserves for her contributions in art aesthetics, philosophy, and criticism. Her work, shaped by Pater's beliefs, is renowned for its extreme attention to her responses to art and psychological sensitivity rarely seen in aesthetic writing. Sadly, her aesthetic works are now out of print and often overlooked in curriculums. "Psychology of an Art Writer" (1903) and selections from "Gallery Diaries" (1901-1904), detailing Lee's experiences with great art, are reintroduced to readers by David Zwirner Books.

These writings provide insights into psychology and aesthetics, ranging from thoughtful analyses of moods' effect on art appreciation to detailed descriptions of powerful encounters with artworks. Lee's philosophical inquiries in The Psychology of an Art Writer offer ekphrases, abstraction, and fancy. The diaries demonstrate her sensitivity towards art, accompanied by a foreword by classicist Dylan Kenny. Together,

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