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Pureland Japanese Folding Fan

Pureland Japanese Folding Fan

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This Kyoto folding fan features the iconic blue lotus flowers artwork by illustrious contemporary visual artist Hideki Kimura. The series of original paintings are hand-drawn on the sliding panels within Kyoto’s tranquil Shoren-in Temple.

The folding fan is handcrafted by Miyawaki Baisenan, one of the most revered fan makers in Kyoto. Making an authentic Kyoto folding fan takes more than 30 individual steps, utilizing only premium Japanese washi paper. The outer frame is sourced from local sandalwood and emits a soothing aroma as you gently fan yourself.


  • Handmade folding fan.
  • Made in Japan
  • Sandalwood, bamboo, washi paper
  • Size: 9” / 23cm
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