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Red Cardinal Playing Cards

Red Cardinal Playing Cards

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Red Cardinal by Allyn Howard is a charming rendition of a beloved back-yard bird, a favorite among all ages. Our little portable box is giftable and great for travel, fits in any bag and the magnetic closure keeps the cards together between games.

• Standard deck of 54 playing cards including 2x joker cards

• Full-color, richly -printed artwork on embossed, blue-core card stock

• Giftable flip-top box with magnetic closure

• Box measures: 69 x 95 x 25 mm

Allyn Howard is a painter and illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. Inspired by her childhood, her work reflects an interest in nature, often from the vantage point of small curious animals. Allyn uses water-based acrylics on wood, paper, and canvas, merging a decorative style with a colorful, painterly one.

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