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Senegalese King Holiday Ornaments

Senegalese King Holiday Ornaments

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Senegalese artisans fashion these richly detailed ornaments from wire and fabric. Each figure is outfitted in a vibrant costume stitched from local wax cloth with embroidered details, and each holds a small pillow to present a beaded gift. The ornaments feature both a wire frame for standing upright and a loop for hanging on the Christmas tree.

Sold individually.

Each ornament vary slightly due to its handmade nature; choose from three colorways. No two are exactly the same.

Approximate Size: 6"T x 4"W (not including hanging string)

Made in: Senegal

About the Artisans:

These beautiful King ornaments are made from wax cloth by a Senegalese tailor named Abdoulaye. He works with his two brothers in a popular market in the center of Dakar.

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