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Shin-Shin Bumpas (Green & Purple)

Shin-Shin Bumpas (Green & Purple)

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Bumpas™ are weighted plush dolls that hold on to you – hands-free! A Bumpas sole job is to always be by your side. They will forever love, listen and protect you.

When held against your heart, Bumpas shows its unconditional love by wrapping its arms around you while melting its heart into yours and becoming one. Their hands form a heart to say "My Heart Is Yours™”.

Bumpas plush dolls are gentle, adventurous, cheery, and creative, and they are always your best friend. When you give them a hug, the eyes behind their head are always looking around to keep you safe.©

The weight creates deep pressure stimulation to help promote a sense of security, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and create a calming effect.

Loving hugs: 2.5-pound (1.1 kg) weighted arms are perfectly sized to give realistic hugs and hold on to you − hands-free.

Heart hands: Bumpas hands form a heart to display its unconditional love for you.

Has your back: Eyes in the back of Bumpas head keep watch and protect you.

Soft & cuddly: Soft materials are soothing and calming

Bumpas is the perfect plush friend for bedtime, car rides, and more!

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