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Stuey-Hedgehog with Mushroom

Stuey-Hedgehog with Mushroom

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In an enchanted woodland, Stuey the plush Hedgehog forages for mushrooms. Their variety of shapes, sizes, and colors fascinates him. As unique and special as each of his treasured mushrooms, Stuey is an ultra-cuddly Hedgehog stuffed animal.

Crafted with unique plush materials that simulate the appearance of a spiky coat, Stuey is quite a soft little friend!

Cozy browns and warm creams combine to create his woodsy color scheme. Shiny, dark eyes bring Stuey’s inquisitive expression to life, while a black, flocked nose and small, rounded ears complete his look. In his paws, Stuey clutches a little red mushroom as a gift for the person who’ll accept his invitation to accompany him on his forest wanderings!

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