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The Complete Tutankhamun

The Complete Tutankhamun

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 A newly revised and expanded edition of The Complete Tutankhamun provides the definitive guide to Tutankhamun and his tomb―what it contained, why, and its relevance today. In 1922, Lord Carnarvon & Howard Carter's quest in Egypt's Valley of the Kings concluded with the locating of Tutankhamun's tomb. As images of its stunning treasures spread, the formerly obscure pharaoh enthralled the world. 100 years on, numerous scientific advances have revealed more about this incredible find; from the tomb's exact ground plan & setting to CT-scanning and a-DNA, to stunning photos of the Pharaoh's possessions.

This expanded edition, written by Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves, revisits Tutankhamun, the excavators, and the entire discovery, archaeology, architecture & art of the tomb. What was once an amazing revelation, has now grown to an astonishing one.

500 color illustrations
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