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The Story of You

The Story of You

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A Guided Journal to Unlock Your Inner Storyteller

Written by M.H Clark

Illustrated by Heidi Dyer

You have stories to tell, stories that are daring and true and entirely your own. This guided journal is a way to unlock your inner storyteller.

Designed with the nonwriter in mind, inside you’ll find short but thoughtful prompts to make meaning of your memories and reclaim your history. Each question is an invitation to access pivotal moments so that you can see, honor, and celebrate your life—and consider who you want to become.

Introspective prompts will help you own your narrative and archive your most treasured lessons:

These are the things that shaped my earliest memories…

This is a reminder that I deserve all the credit in the world for:

This is a list of things my entire being says yes to, deeply and wholeheartedly, every time…

Special Features

  • The journal’s questions will help you embrace the self-care, self-expression, and healing that storytelling offers
  • Once complete, you’ll have a memoir journal filled with the stories that honor your truth
  • Abstract photography and thought-provoking quotes throughout create a beautiful space for reflection
  • An empowering gift to celebrate a birthday, support self-care, offer encouragement to a loved one, or honor an important milestone or transition
  • Features a hardcover with a Wibalin spine, UV gloss, and yellow painted edges
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