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Trainimo Farm

Trainimo Farm

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Early pretend-play and motor skills are on a roll with the Trainimo Farm.

The Trainimo Farm can be pulled along using a cord and includes an adorable collection of animal passengers! Designed for little ones 18 months and up, this adorable little train set is great for developing fine motor skills and encouraging imaginative play. Stacking, balancing, interactive play and vehicle – this train does it all! 

Each wooden animal – a bunny, a cow, a cat, a donkey, a pig, and a mouse – all fit into the slots of the train cars either sideways or facing forward. Fit them all into place, pull the whole thing along by the string, and roll into a beautiful new adventure!

  • Wooden pull-along train with slots for farm animal passengers
  • Encourages motor skills, spatial reasoning, active play, and imaginative play.
  • Animals fit onto slots of train either sideways or facing forward.
  • Pull the train along by the string.
  • The train is made up of 4 cars; it includes 7 wooden animals.
  • Wheels are designed to move quietly.
  • Great for tots who are learning to take their first steps
  • Animals can be stacked in a pyramid
  • The train measures 15.35 x 3.15 x 4.13 inches (LxWxH).
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