Wacky Robot Techno Gears


Welcome to the wacky world of robots! Wind up your budding builders’ curiosity for STEM learning with the Techno Gears Wacky Robot building toy. This 60+ piece construction set is designed to spark kids’ imagination and introduce them to the fundamentals of engineering. Follow the colorfully detailed instruction manual to build the Wacky Robot and watch your little architect enjoy the extended play value as the motorized robot’s arms, legs, and head move round and round. Engage your child’s inner engineer and make STEM learning fun with this action-packed construction set and its functioning mechanics! Gearing up your critical thinker for success? Seeking a SAFE building gift with frustration-free packaging? Want to encourage your child’s interest in construction and mechanical engineering? Then Techno Gears Wacky Robot is the perfect toy for you and your future engineer! This construction gear set is excellent for both boys and girls, ages 6 years and up.