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World At Night

World At Night

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Explore the beauty of the night sky with over 200 stunning photos from around the world. Featuring images from 40 photographers across 25 countries, discover galaxies, planets, stars, celestial events, and landmarks all under the backdrop of a breathtaking nightscape. Curated by Babak Tafreshi, founder of The World of Night, this collection includes previously unseen images and a guide to night-sky photography.

Commentary on science, astronomy, and photography accompany stunning images organized by theme:

  • Symbols of all nations and religions embraced by one sky of endless beauty
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites at night
  • The Universe is revealed through constellations, sky motions, atmospheric phenomena, Aurora, and other wonders
  • Images highlighting the beauty of dark skies away from light-polluted urban areas
  • Celestial events, from great comets to spectacular eclipses
  • Astro-tourism destinations, like ancient astronomical monuments and modern observatories
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