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Yogi Berra Notecards


Famous quotes from New York Yankees legend Yogi Berra now captured in a notecard set with a keepsake box.

Baseball fans will love this homage to beloved baseball great Yogi Berra. A winner of 10 World Series championships, Yogi Berra made remarkable plays on the field, and unforgettable quips off the field, on his way to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Widely known as the most quoted player in baseball history, this notecard set includes Yogi Berra quotes suitable for every occasion.

This notecards collection features:

• Four distinct Yogi Berra quotes, each on pinstripe notecards (3 notecards for each quote)
• Full-color envelopes for each notecard, featuring images from Yogi Berra baseball cards
• A keepsake box with an image of the original Yankee stadium
• Insert with Yogi Berra biography