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You Are An Artist

You Are An Artist

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A playful reintroduction to the artist within us all―including hands-on exercises―from the renowned and inspirational teachers.

According to contemporary artists and activists Bob and Roberta Smith, every human is an artist. Drawing is an important part of learning to communicate, and primarily, life is a conversation, making art a vital part of human existence. You Are an Artist helps the reader work out what kind of artist they are and what they can achieve, combining thought- provoking meditation on art practice with practical exercises and creative prompts that encourage creativity and self-expression.

This collection of entertaining, at times startling, and often evocative narratives brings to life a series of lessons about the nature of art and inspiration. Providing ideas, tips, and practical examples from Bob’s own work as an art teacher and activist, You Are an Artist is for everyone who wants to be an artist and needs a creative push to take the plunge.

125 color illustrations
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