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A Journey Through Art: A Global History

A Journey Through Art: A Global History

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An introduction to art history through the centuries and across the globe

A Journey Through Art is a global history of art with a time-travel twist, taking readers on an expedition from the Paleolithic period to the present day, voyaging to thirty locations around the world. Readers will discover Australian caves in the year 35,000 BCE, Rome in the year 1 CE, Cambodia's palaces in 1150, a fortress in Zimbabwe in 1300, New York's jazz scene in the 1950s, Rio de Janeiro today, and much, much more.

At every location readers encounter stories of artworks and the cultures around them. Two beautifully illustrated spreads, with close-up photographs of objects, display each destination, allowing readers to engage with cultural history in a dynamic and accessible way. This book is a fantastic resource for young readers, families, and schools, written by Dr. Aaron Rosen, an expert in art history and cultural studies. Illustrated in color throughout.
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