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Cherry Blossom Tea Towel

Cherry Blossom Tea Towel

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Brighten your kitchen with this delightful Cherry Blossom tea towel! 100% cotton and absorbent, it's useful and beautiful. Hang it in the kitchen or use it as an accent runner. Includes a loop for easy hanging. Cherry blossoms symbolize renewal and the ephemeral nature of life. They originated in 1885, when Eliza Scidmore returned from Japan and began a campaign to plant trees along the Potomac River. In 1912, Tokyo gifted over 3000 in friendship. 

Dimensions:  19-1/2 in x 27-1/2 in
Materials:  100% Cotton
Included:  1 Tea Towel
  Pink, Blue, White 
  Machine wash cold, hang dry

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